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At Byte™ we put our emphasis on real world experience and business empathy. There is no point claiming expertise in strategy if you have never lived through it, seen it in operation, the good and the bad and then learned from it. These lessons are invaluable in building knowledge, which is why we pride ourselves in having people with such knowledge.

At Byte™ we like to think we’re different. We have genuine, practical expertise in areas such as Cyber Security; Digital Transformation; Artificial Intelligence; Risk Management; Data and much more.

If you want theory and shelf-ware then go to all the other consultants. If you want data scientists who have never heard of a N-Triple; or AI experts who do not know the difference between symbolic and non-symbolic AI then go and waste your money if that is what you want.

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If you want actual expertise from the front line of delivery, then come to Byte™.

At Byte™ we go beyond the buzzword and so should you.