Byte™ works with specific partners who can demonstrate a tangible business value.

There are too many solutions that offer little beyond buzzwords. With our extensive experience of business operation we have hand picked organisations to partner with where we see that business value and where their ethos matches our own.

Human Firewall is multi-faceted solution.

At the front it is a security awareness solution built on the premise of raising awareness through phishing simulations. In this it has capability to undertake phishing exercises across vectors, including emailSMSsocial media and voice.

Underpinning this are 32 out of the box training modules, which are all built on raising awareness of personal cyber security, which in turn builds better awareness across the corporation. The modules are all three minutes long to minimise disruption and encourage participation. The training renders across devices; desktoplaptoptablet and phone.

All of this is backed by comprehensive management information and dashboards providing visibility into the Human Cyber Security Awareness (HCSA) Index and Human Information Security Preparedness (HISP) Index.

Measuring and visualising behavioural change across the organisation, both in awareness and when it really matters! The live attack situation. The SOCCRTES framework provides unparalleled insight into the preparedness of any organisation for a cyber attack.

The solution provides the organisation with a one click reporting button for all users. It natively integrates into G SuiteO365 and Exchange, which allows for the ability to drive one very important differentiator. This is the operational aspect that goes beyond the simulation. When an actual rogue email is received the user can of course report via the one click functionality. This automatically alerts to the security operations team, either in the solution itself or into an existing ticketing system. When the alert is received the operations team can, within Human Firewall, automatically search for additional recipientsimmediately quarantine across all relevant mailboxes whilst the investigation in undertaken, thus reducing ongoing risk. Full header information and attachments are all preserved in Human Firewall for interrogation, including information as to whether users have opened the emails or done anything further with them. If the investigation determines the email to be malicious then again within the solution you can automatically purge the email from all mailboxes. End to end operational value and awareness building in one solution across vectors. Enabling one aware user to protect the whole organisation. This is real differentiating solution in this space. Multi-channeldevice agnosticmulti-lingual and actually works in real attack situations!

EmailAuth provides email authentication as a service.

EmailAuth is the easiest uplift in cyber security a company can implement overnight!

1. Monitor & Block phishing

2. Protect brand reputation

3. Increase email deliverability

EmailAuth allows you to measure the scale of the problem for free. Both in terms of email deliverability and the abuse of your domains and customers.It ensures that nobody can send email as you, except you.

Enables you to maintain continuous email authentication through the implementation of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). Simplifying the implementation of DMARC to increase adoption is the EmailAuth mantra. Which not only prevents phishing in your name, but also provides you the visibility of your own email performance, an increase in deliverability to the inbox, and ensures you are getting value for money from third party email providers.

1. MONITOR: See who, what and how many?

2. BLOCK: Only ‘YOU’ can send email as ‘YOU’.

3. ENHANCE your own email deliverability.

DMARC is currently an IETF-adopted RFC. It extends two previously established authentication standards SPF and DKIM, and is the ONLY way for email senders to tell email receivers that emails they are sending are truly from them.

DMARC allows a brand to

  1. Authenticate all legitimate email
  2. Publish an explicit policy that instructs mailbox providers what to do with email messages that are determined not to be legitimate.

All this and more in 4 simple steps.

What’s more the two solutions can be combined to provide the world’s first complete anti-phishing solution!

Partner Programme

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Byte™ then please get in touch. We only work with companies which share our beliefs and ethos. We do not deal in snakeoil or FUD, but actual solutions to genuine problems.