Byte™ consultancy is flexible to meet your every need.

Whether that is a digital leader, programme director or a red teamer. We work entirely client side as another arm of the business with the same mission and goals as you.

We have teams with genuine expertise who are able to fully embed themselves into your culture. We work with and for you, delivering the outcomes you desire.

Our Expertise

Digital Transformation ; DevOps; Cyber Security; Data; Cloud; Artificial Intelligence; Risk Management; Audit; Programme Delivery; Compliance (inc. GDPR; NIS Directive; ISO27001)

These are REAL experts, with the practical application experience to compliment domain expertise. Our experts have worked in complex multi-nationals through to SMEs.

We will not give you a one-size-fits-all service, but one that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Mission

To be the collaboration partner of choice. Our mission is to enable you to achieve your vision and beyond.

Every business is unique and so our service needs to match your uniqueness.

When I established Byte™ my vision was to create an organisation that can conjoin with any business which, through the power of engagement and collaboration could set a cultural revolution in motion that would transform the whole business as a force multiplier for growth.

Ed Tucker – CEO Byte™