Outcome based awareness

Security awareness isn’t something new. It is a means to educate the workforce, the front line of risk realisation and to create a culture where security behaviour marches triumphantly towards exemplary. This represents a fabulous opportunity to have a tangibly positive impact upon risk. However, in the real world, it is little more than a … Continue reading Outcome based awareness

Joining the dots to deliver effective cyber security

In too many organisations, cyber security is dislocated and siloed. Security chiefs need to take a more joined-up approach, but that is likely to mean a rethink of how the security team operates There is a common problem in the cyber security industry, something that holds many organisations back in their maturity. Quite simply, too … Continue reading Joining the dots to deliver effective cyber security

Choose your cloud provider wisely

In a world where everyone is striving to become more digital and more customer-centric in their offerings there is a huge push towards utilising cloud computing. Cloud computing offers a tremendously flexible playground, within which rich user focused platforms and services can be developed, or straight procured. There is far less constraint as to what … Continue reading Choose your cloud provider wisely